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The Profit

Marcus Lemonis is “The Profit”. His CNBC show offers great advice to business owners. Each episode finds Marcus visiting a struggling enterprise where those in charge are at their wits end and sometimes each other’s throats. Typically he will investigate the operation’s financials and interview some of the workers to find the root of the company’s problems. Eventually Marcus, if he makes an offer to invest, will demand 50% ownership and 100% control. He addresses three main areas that impact the success or failure of a business. They are simple; People, Product and Process. Magically, establishing systems to improve these spheres, the business begins to show vast improvement. They make a profit.

A profit is a gain or benefit derived from investing money, time or energy. Profit is the end goal of most endeavors. No one begins a business to lose; rather, we all want our efforts to be worth the cost.

Physical exercise, though of value only during life on earth, costs an investment in time and energy. Losing weight, building muscles and improving cardio vascular health are handsome profits to be enjoyed. My own experience lately has revealed additional benefits. An improved sense of balance from a strengthened core, lower blood pressure and halting borderline diabetes all make working out profitable. Unfortunately, exercising the body only profits a little; only for a short time. The profit is not eternal; neither does it extend to improve your soul.

Exercising yourself in godliness is very beneficial. In fact, godliness promises the reward of a better life on earth and a better life which is to come. Exercising godliness, like working out at the gym, adds to your mental and physical health. People who pursue a life of devotion through Jesus Christ are inclined to be happier; more at peace with themselves and with others. Because they experience forgiveness and acceptance by God, there is less anxiety. Replaced by an increased awareness of the presence of a personal yet Divine Being; one who intends to bless His people, not curse, fear and anxiety are out of place.

Our lifestyles are affected by the pursuit of godly living. Involving yourself in things which war against the soul steals your joy, contentment and the assurance of divine pleasure. Guilt cripples, lusts ravage and feelings of alienation eat up desired profits. Godliness, first credited to us by faith, then practiced by us in faith, has value that carries us through this life and joyfully into the next.

Jesus said, “What should it profit a person to gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Or, what can he give in exchange for his soul?” When God evaluates our “business” will He find us profitable?

Pastor Ken teaches each Sunday at Cornerstone Church located at 1775 Stanton Ave. Franklinville, NJ. Join us this Sunday for coffee, donuts and the pursuit of godliness!

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